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Is Your Texas Wedding Protected with Wedding Insurance?

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There are so many details to consider when trying to plan the “perfect” wedding: venue, photographer, invitations, seating charts, dresses, tuxes, catering, and Wedding Insurance.

Yes, insurance to cover your special event! On average, couples spent $30,000 on their wedding in 2013, a record high. With all the variables outside of your control such as weather and illness, can you imagine leaving that amount of money up to chance?

What if the weather doesn’t cooperate or the photographer gets the flu the day before the ceremony? Your entire ceremony could be at risk. You can remove a lot of the worry about unforeseen events that are out of your control by purchasing wedding insurance.

How much does wedding insurance cost? A basic policy costs less than $500, a small price to pay to protect the investment of potentially tens of thousands.

You’ve probably considered countless “worst-case scenarios” as you’ve made decisions about your big event: whether to hold the ceremony and reception outside; what time of year to have your wedding; whom to invite; and whether or not to serve alcohol.

How to Know if You Need Wedding Insurance

You will want to find out from the vendors you’re hiring as well as the venue where the reception is taking place whether or not they carry adequate property and/or general liability insurance. The type and amount of coverage they carry will help determine how much and what type of coverage you want to purchase.

Speaking to your personal insurance agent about your wedding insurance needs can further help you assess what protection you may need to provide.

Why Getting Wedding Insurance is a Good Policy

Wedding, or special event insurance, can help protect you against potential loss or liability in the event of an accident or “worst case scenario” coming to fruition:

  • The wedding venue goes out of business a month before the ceremony (after taking your payment). You won’t be out the money you spent with a wedding insurance policy and in the event you have to postpone your ceremony while you locate a new venue, you could be covered for that as well.

  • You have to postpone the ceremony due to events outside of your control, like severe weather that makes it impossible to travel to your destination, or military deployment of the bride or groom.

  • A wedding dress is irreparably damaged when red wine is spilled on it by an intoxicated reception-goer. The right wedding insurance coverage may reimburse the cost of cleaning or replacing your gown.

  • Several gifts from the table at the reception went missing. A wedding insurance policy can reimburse you the cost of the stolen property.

Wedding insurance provides peace of mind as the big day approaches.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Like your wedding dress, your wedding insurance policy can be tailored to fit you. Typical coverages include:

  • Property Damage to the rented facility,

  • Medical Payments and Personal Liability coverage in the event of an accident during the reception that causes injury to a guest or participant,

  • Food and Liquor Liability coverage if someone gets sick from the food or drinks too much and causes an accident on the way home,

  • Attire – coverage for the loss or damage of the wedding dress or groom’s tux,

  • Additional special coverages for cancellation/postponement of the ceremony, photo and video coverage, and protection for special jewelry and wedding gifts.

Did you remember the ring? Forgetting or losing the ring is a common fear for many grooms on the big day. Did you remember to obtain insurance for the ring? Talk to your insurance agent about “scheduling” the ring so it is covered for loss, theft, or damage with no deductible!

Whether you’re recently engaged or halfway through the wedding planning process, you can get the protection needed for your wedding day. Get an instant wedding insurance quote.