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Workers Compensation

Texas does not require employers to carry workers compensation insurance. This does not mean that Texas business owners do not have a moral obligation to carry it, as well as a significant need to protect themselves and their employees from financial loss.

If you are currently without workers compensation coverage for your business, speak to one of our knowledgeable independent insurance agents at Watkins Insurance Group. We will help you understand the risk for on-the-job injuries that your employees face and if workers compensation insurance makes sense for you.

We can request free Texas workers compensation quotes on your behalf so you can choose the policy that best fits your needs.

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Workers Compensation Considerations

Imagine this: your employee stands on a ladder to pull a box of files off of a high shelf. The ladder tips and your employee falls, cutting open his forehead and breaking an ankle. Your employee is taken to the emergency room, where he receives stitches and a cast on his ankle.

If you have workers compensation coverage for your employees, you have nothing to worry about. Your employee can make a claim for workers compensation benefits, and you will be protected from any potential legal claims.

If you do not have workers compensation coverage, your financial worries may add up quickly. Your employee has the right to sue you for reimbursement of his medical expenses and any lost wages from time away from work after the fall. You will be responsible for the employee’s medical costs at the emergency room, and any ongoing rehabilitation. Your legal fees will add up as you work out a settlement or even go to court.

The Benefits of Workers Compensation Coverage

The example above depicts why you need workers compensation coverage. It is essential protection for both you and your employees.

  • Workers compensation provides your employees with medical benefits, reimbursement for lost income, as well as burial and death benefits.

  • Workers compensation provides employers with protection from lawsuits resulting from employee job-related injuries and illnesses.

  • Workers compensation insurance can encourage you implement additional cost-saving risk management tactics that positively impact your bottom line.

Texas employers can obtain workers compensation coverage through self-insurance, purchasing a single workers compensation policy, or joining a workers compensation insurance pool. Talk to our business insurance team to learn more about these options.

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Whether you have no workers compensation coverage or you are shopping for new coverage, contact our Texas agency. We can request free workers compensation quotes for you and help you compare rates and coverage. We will help you make a smart choice for your business and your employees.