Drive And Decorate Carefully To Help Avoid An Insurance Claim This Holiday Season

Courtesy of Safeco Insurance

The holidays are a special time of the year with friends, loved ones and…your insurance company? Yes, your insurance company may play a role in your holiday season for a variety of reasons, and not just for winter storm claims or winter auto accident claims.

Here’s a look at three potential holiday claims scenarios and how your insurance may help:

1. Dazzled By The Lights
Distracted driving is always dangerous and slick winter roads especially deserve your full attention. If you’re in the driver’s sear while your family oohs and ahhs over the local light displays, be sure your attention is on the road. If you see a particularly spectacular display, pull over to have a better look. Also, watch our for other distracted drivers.If you do cause a fender bender, it’s helpful to have collision coverage and rental car coverage on your auto policy. The former helps with repairs to your own vehicle. The latter helps cover the cost of a vehicle to drive while yours is in the shop.
2. Smoldering Stockings
You’ve hung the stockings and garland on the mantle with care. Now with a fire blazing in the fireplace, you risk setting it all aflame. Be sure to err on the safe side with your décor and keep all flammable objects safely away from the fire. That means you may have to make a choice: Dismantle your perfect mantle display before lighting the fire or don’t light it at all.Should you experience smoke or fire damage due to a fire in your fireplace, you will most likely receive coverage under your homeowners or condo policy to help with the recovery. For homeowners, it’s smart to have enough coverage to rebuild your home in case an out-of-control fire consumes it. To check whether you have the coverage you want, ask an independent agent about the cost to rebuild.
3. Blackout On Your Block
You lost control of your vehicle on that patch of black ice and went right into an electric pole. The ensuing blackout enrages one neighbor in particular and she later sues you for ruining her annual holiday soiree. She wants damages for her pain and suffering, as well as to recoup the costs of the carolers and caterers she had hired.As a homeowner or renter, you likely have liability coverage on your home or renters policy. This coverage may come to your defense during a lawsuit to help you cover legal fees, settlements, and more.
Given the frightful weather and the fact that everyone’s rushing about trying to make the most of the holidays, incidents – and claims – are bound to occur. Be sure you have insurance in place before they do.

Of course, whether or not any claim is covered will depend on what happened and what type of coverage your policy provides. So, know your policy just as well as you know your favorite holiday tunes. You may need to rely on that policy to help you get through a holiday hurdle, but we certainly hope that’s not the case.

Enjoy the season – safely!

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