East Texas President, Rodney Watkins To Serve On IIAT Board

Watkins Insurance Group President – East Texas, Rodney Watkins was elected to the 2014-2015 Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT) this past month. He will be serving on the board for a minimum of three years and is one of three other State Association members elected from different areas of Texas. Rodney took some time and talked about his new role on the board and here’s what he had to say:

On taking on a role that is a three year commitment…

Being a part of our industry is nothing new to me. I was first elected to the IIAT of Tyler board of directors back in 2003. Later, I was elected Secretary in 2005, Vice President in 2006, and President in 2007 in which I served for several years. I have also served on the state level as Regional Vice President for IMPACT 2005-2014 and served on the budget and finance committee in 2011. I will also serve on the Budget and Finance Committee at the state level for 2014-2015. Once you start through the process you just continue and I was always encouraged by those that came before me to be active in the association.

On how his role will benefit independent agents…

I always tell people when they ask me to serve that they have to understand I generally tell it like it is. There’s not much holding back. I think the benefit is that I bring a different mentality to the table. I can relate to what new agents and existing agents are going through trying to run a successful agency. I have been trained in real life experience, which should be of value in making decisions effecting independent agents.

On how the new role will benefit consumers…

The more knowledgeable an agent is about the industry and how well they understand the process, the better the consumer will be served. As we all deal with political issues, it certainly helps to have a broad understanding of the legislative issues and be able to convey these thoughts to legislators. Everything I do is focused on benefiting our client in one way or another.

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