Insuring Those Summertime Toys

We’ve started thinking about all the summer “toys” making an appearance to bask in the summer sun—have you? You may have thought about bringing the ATV or travel trailer out of storage, getting out on the open road for that first motorcycle ride, or putting the boat on the water for that first summer splash! While you’ve been thinking about the fun, we’ve been thinking about your insurance coverage! JetSki

What’s important to you? What gives you peace of mind to ensure a fun summer? Coverage for recreational vehicles is limited, if there’s any at all, on your home and auto insurance policy. Contact your agent today to discuss coverages specific to your needs before heading out this summer. There may also be endorsements that can be added to your home policy to provide coverage for some boats, personal watercrafts, ATVs, travel trailers, or other recreational vehicles. There’s even coverage for golf carts and other vehicles not registered for road use.

Do you want coverage for damage to the vehicle if there’s an accident? Or do you only want liability coverage? Are you concerned about injuries to you, your family, or your passengers? Discuss with your agent specific coverages you may need such as personal injury, uninsured motorist, roadside assistance, accessory coverage, and transport trailer coverages. With so many questions and options, spend some time today talking with your agent about the best way to make sure you’re covered for a happy and safe summer season.

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