Keep Your Super Bowl Party Super With These Tips

Whether you get together Super Bowl Sunday to watch the game or to just watch the commercials, a party has a few increased risks. These risks can stop your Super Bowl party prematurely. Reach out to the experts at Watkins Insurance Group if you have any questions about your coverage. We’re here to help!

Too Much Alcohol

  • Always serve food and provide non-alcoholic options.
  • Consider serving only soda, tea, and coffee after halftime.
  • Encourage your guests to plan ahead for designated drivers, cabs, or rideshare apps once the party is over.

Food Bourne Illnesses

  • Avoid serving chicken wings and pizza at room temperature for the entire game.
  • Keep your warm take out food at 140° or warmer.
  • Keep those cold foods at 40° or colder.

Damaged Prized Possessions

  • Consider moving fine art from heavily trafficked areas.
  • Lock your wine cellar to manage your inventory.
  • Control entry into rooms which may store your jewelry and watches.
  • If you have fine art, jewelry collections, or wine storage, consider contacting the experts at Watkins Insurance Group to find the right insurance protection.

Injured Guests

  • Make sure indoor and outdoor areas are well lit.
  • Consider putting pets in a separate area to keep both guests and pets safe.
  • Clear hanging objects from areas where guests may hit their heads.



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