Large Acreage Dreamin’

If you live in Central Texas, you may find yourself day dreaming from time to time of having a house on some property. Maybe you need room to breathe or perhaps you need a place to get away on the weekends. Some of us just can’t stand the thought of the Texas phrase “All hat and no cattle” one day being directed at them and so the obvious solution seems to be to get some cattle. So you do. If you are one of the lucky few that find themselves actually ready to embark upon being a land owner in Texas, I congratulate you! You are doing something that most Texans only dream about.

No matter if you call it a Gentleman’s Farm, a Hobby Farm, a Ranch, or Ranchette, one of the last things people often consider when purchasing a larger acreage property in Central Texas is the type of insurance you may need. Most don’t realize that the old faithful insurance company they may have used for the past 20 years for their city home and their vehicles won’t be able to help properly protect the exposures and assets of their new purchase.

Here are a few challenges that people may face when trying to insure these types of properties. In fact, most of the below may be ineligible for traditional insurance policies:

Lease of land to others
Employee exposures such as farm help or ranch hands, even occasional
High value fencing and gates

These exposures and unique needs are not a problem when you have a policy and an agent that specializes in meeting the needs of rural land owners in Central Texas. Save yourself the trouble of searching for insurance for your little piece of heaven by contacting our Farm & Ranch expert Tamara Reid (512) 637-4239. She knows the questions to ask, the coverages to offer, and best of all, she works with the leading insurance companies in Texas which tailor policies just for people like you.

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