Protect One Of The Most Important Days In Your Life

You’ve spent the past two years getting to know the greatest guy you’ve ever met, falling in love with one another more and more every day. Each of you has learned the other’s bad habits and little idiosyncrasies. Beyond all his quirks and your insecurities, you’ve discovered this is the man you want to spend the rest of your adventures on this Earth with.

Ten months ago, on a misty coastal morning, he scribbled in the sand above the tides “Will you marry me?” You squealed with a shrill “Yes”, and he slipped the one-carat princess-cut diamond on your finger. Word spread like wildfire of your exciting news. You have been in mad wedding-planning mode ever since. The day is fast approaching when the two of you will declare your undying love to one another in the presence of family and friends.

The venue has been booked, your dress purchased, and photographer picked. Invitations have arrived and are just as quickly going out to all your guests. The girls’ dresses have been bought, flowers ordered, guys’ tuxes hang from the racks with a reserve tag on them. The honeymoon has been planned out to the last minute of bliss. All deposits paid and services secured for the most amazing day you have fantasized about since your were six years old standing in grandma’s attic admiring yourself in her mirror sporting her over-puffed satin white wedding gown and eight-sizes-too-big crystal slippers.

The atmosphere is sweet and whimsical. The sparkle of the lights dance from the ceiling and the round, fragrant floral centerpieces look as if they are gleaming for your joy. Your bridal party, closest family and out of town guests reminisce about the happy couple as you and your fiancé make your rounds to personally greet each one in attendance at your rehearsal dinner. Hours of delicious food and fun-loving drinks have left you delightfully exhausted. Tomorrow is absolutely going to be the most perfect day of your life!

The buzz of the phone wakes you at three in the morning. Your mother’s voice panicked on the other end informs you of their need to rush grandma to the hospital with chest pains and breathlessness. You immediately call your fiancé, and his best man answers. Seems the groom has a touch of food poisoning. You are unable to sleep the rest of the night tending to all the chaos. The next morning brings more distress of a photographer missing in action, wilted flowers as the florist forgot to put them in the refrigerator overnight, the wrong wedding gown hangs in an opaque ivory bag in your mom’s closet and the caterer shut their doors for good two days ago without telling you! Your perfect day has literally become an overnight disaster.

However, you don’t sweat, not even a drop. The day after your little beach escapade, you called Travelers Wedding Insurance and took out a policy to protect this day from the calamity it’s become. You figure if one would protect a $30,000 investment in a car or a boat, why wouldn’t one do the same for the most important day of their life?

You see Travelers Wedding Insurance protects you from such nightmares as this. For an insanely reasonable premium, as little as $160, you are covered for a variety of situations that can unwittingly

arise out of your control. Your wedding policy safeguards you from your dress or groom’s tuxedo being lost or damaged; lost deposits to vendors who go out of business, declare bankruptcy or fail to show up; lost rings; severe weather (such as a hurricane or blizzard); transportation shutdown; ruined photos; call to duty; damaged gifts; and sudden illness, amongst other things.

If you are a bride, groom or parents of the bride or groom, give us a call today at Watkins Insurance Group for your wedding insurance policy. For more information about wedding insurance, visit our website or call us at (512) 452-8877.

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