Recreational Drones – Does My Insurance Policy Cover That?

The odds are pretty good that someone you know will be receiving a recreational drone as a gift this year. (Disclaimer: We haven’t taken a sneak peek at your presents, so we don’t know if it’s you.) Drones have become so prevalent that our agency even used one to take our annual holiday photo this year.

As we were taking the agency photo, I couldn’t help wondering how insurance would respond if the drone crashed into the building and caused a bit of damage. I remember crashing my first remote control helicopter into the side of my grandfather’s home in spectacular fashion in the 1980s. If I had to operate a drone…? Well, I’m fairly certain that my flying device skills aren’t much better now than they were back then.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners policies will respond to damage caused by a drone in the same way. Some policies will provide coverage as long as the drone is not being used commercially. Other policies have a built in “aviation exclusion” that could classify your new drone as a small aircraft. Some policies will provide coverage if you damage someone else’s property, but not your own property. There are too many questions and not enough consistent answers.

If you have any concerns about coverage for your drone, contact your agent at Watkins Insurance Group. We will gladly take a look at your homeowners policy to determine how your insurance policy covers drones and the damage they could possibly cause.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Holidays!

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