Take A Social Media Break While On Spring Break

Spring Break! As students and parents across Texas take time away to relax during spring break, I would like to share a few tips to help you share your vacation experiences on social media without adding risk to your family’s safety.

  1. Don’t post status updates while you are still on vacation.
    Depending on the security levels you set for your social media sites, you may be opening yourself up to thieves trolling on social media. They are looking for those times when you are away for an extended period. By posting, you are giving thieves a chance to plan and then execute a robbery of your home. Never assume that your status update is only being seen by friends. Your friends could be reading your post while someone is looking over their shoulder or they left their account logged in at the local library. Oversharing can be risky.
  2. Don’t post pictures while on vacation.
    Gorgeous architecture and delectable desserts. Both can produce photos worthy of your social media feed. However, they both can give away your present location in the GPS-based geotag information which is embedded in the photo. This geotag reveals where the photo was taken and could provide people with your current location.
  3. Don’t tag other vacationers.
    Just as you’re protecting your privacy while on vacation, you should take the same care with those family and friends travelling with you. Tagging them in photos and status updates reveals their current location. They may not want this information shared for the same reasons listed above. Keep others from tagging you by enabling Tag Reviews on your social media.
  4. Don’t post upcoming travel plans.
    By posting when you’re leaving, you are tipping off criminals. One of the worst things you can do is to post upcoming travel plans and itineraries. Your family and employer should be the only parties who know your upcoming plans.

Spring break is a perfect opportunity to take a break from social media. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Those who aren’t traveling with you can enjoy your vacation photos on Facebook after your vacation is over. It will also give you a chance to relive the places you visited and that AMAZING chocolate cake you ate.

Dshanya Reese, Brand Marketing Manager

Watkins Insurance Group


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