Tips To Reduce Holiday Party Liability

By Dshanya Reese


The time has come for companies across the country to begin celebrating the winter holidays and the end of the year. While planning those parties and events, employers should include a quick review of how the event could impact the safety of employees and the liability of the company.

We found a helpful article from our friends at which provides seven tips to consider when planning events.

Those quick tips:

  • Have an alcohol policy – and enforce it! Make clear in pre-party communications that minors can’t drink and, if they do, they may be terminated.
  • Hire professional servers. Have someone serve alcohol rather than permitting employees to serve themselves. This gives professional bartenders the opportunity to identify employees who drink too much.
  • Select the location thoughtfully. Hold the party offsite at a location that’s easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Have plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks. People who are eating, especially at a venue with few tables and seats, tend to drink less because it’s difficult to juggle a drink and a plate.
  • Hold a “winter” party. Winter parties can set the tone for the company’s goals in the new year and eliminate some of the stress from trying to cram too many activities into December.
  • Minimize opportunities for harassment. Review your organization’s harassment policies to be sure they cover employer-sponsored social events and include specific examples of conduct at parties that is unacceptable.

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