The claims department at Watkins Insurance Group is a highly regarded, extensively trained group dedicated to assuring the claims process with insurance companies moves smoothly. We provide prompt service and are available to report all claims, explain the claims process, intervene at any time, follow up with adjusters, and review loss history, among other insurance-related services. 

How To Submit A Claim

There are two ways you can submit a claim with Watkins Insurance Group:

  • Complete and submit the incident reporting form.
    Fill out the online form below, confirm that you have read the Important Notice, then click “Submit Incident Report” at the bottom to submit a claim.
  • Contact us.
    Call 800-460-5932 to submit a claim.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your contractual responsibility to report any claim, loss, or lawsuit, or any incident or event which could reasonably lead to a claim, loss, or lawsuit, to your insurance carrier as set forth in the policy. If for any reason you are unable to use the Watkins Insurance Group website to submit a claim or unable to fill out the form below for this purpose, it is still your responsibility to report any such claim, loss, lawsuit, incident, or event to your insurance carrier as set forth in the policy by another method. Your failure to do so may jeopardize any coverage as set forth in the policy.