Most companies count on the governing agency in charge of calculating our experience modifier yet often times it is incorrect resulting on the inability to bid on jobs or overpay on your workers comp insurance. The process and multiple factors used in the production of the final modifier is complicated and errors can take place. Most businesses don’t realize the impact of their insurance premiums that an incorrect modifier can cause. Not only is the premium affected, many times this factor is used by government agencies to determine how efficient and safe a company operates its affairs. Modifier rates over 1.0 are often factors in the ability to bid on jobs. Even with a low modifier, many business owners aren’t aware that their modifier could actually be lower than it is resulting in further savings due to errors in the data being provided.

Watkins Insurance Group will review the accuracy of your modifier to ensure you aren’t overpaying for your worker compensation and are able to get on the job site. By verifying payroll data, loss claim data, and reporting of your data, we can determine if you have been overpaying premiums for your policy and recoup those dollars for you.



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