Insure Your Transportation Company With Confidence

Transportation companies face significant risks and government regulation related to the type and quality of insurance their business must carry. Understanding these risks and requirements, and purchasing insurance policies to meet them, can be difficult.

Since 1949, Watkins Insurance Group has provided independent insurance services to clients throughout the US. Our knowledge of the transportation industries and its unique challenges has helped us protect the best interests of a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Commercial trucking companies
  • Regional carriers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Large commercial fleets

Whatever type or size transportation company you operate, we have the skill, knowledge and experience to help you protect it.

Customized Transportation Insurance Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Effectively protecting a transportation against all potential risks and liabilities requires a detailed knowledge of the industry and viable insurance solutions. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you review all potential risks your business faces, and the best products and policies for addressing them.

Our agents help you explore all available coverage options, including:

  • Commercial property coverage to protect buildings and assets
  • Physical damage policy to cover repairs or replacement of fleet vehicles including trucks and tankers following an accident or loss
  • Liability coverage to protect against injuries and damage caused by drivers operating fleet-owned vehicles
  • Umbrella policies to address liability that exceeds over coverages
  • Business interruption coverage to protect against the financial costs of unexpected shutdowns

By identifying the most effective products and gathering options from multiple providers, we create an insurance solution that provides the optimal protection for your business.

We Take the Stress and Anxiety Our of Insuring Your Transportation Business

Our agents understand the challenges associated with insuring a transportation company. To reduce the stress associated with protecting your business, we offer:

  • Timely service: The transportation industry moves at a fast pace. With that in mind, we focus on offering timely and responsive service whenever you need us. Whether you need assistance obtaining an insurance certificate, filing a claim or managing your policies, we are here to help.
  • Filing assistance: The DOT requires transportation companies to file insurance documents to both state and federal oversight organizations. To streamline the process and ensure accuracy and timeliness, we handle the filing process on your behalf.
  • Risk management support: There are many strategies transportation companies can employ to reduce operating risks. Effective driver training, loss prevention and other programs can limit the chances of a loss. We offer advice on how your business can implement these programs and remain available to provide advice and support whenever necessary.

Throughout our service to you, we are always available to help in filing a claim, adjusting coverage options and adding new products or policies to address emerging risks.

Contact Us to Begin Exploring Transportation Insurance Coverage Options

At Watkins Insurance Group, we are committed to providing the comprehensive guidance and support you deserve. Contact us online or call 800-460-5932 to begin exploring coverage options for your transportation company.