What Are Modeling And Analytics?

Analytics refers to the process of extracting and interpreting your group’s specific claims utilization data to give us leverage with the carrier in the renewal negotiation.

Our underwriting analytics utilize foremost industry trends in underwriting and renewal makeup to hold the carriers accountable.

  • Six months prior to renewal, we deliver full-blown claims analysis and renewal projection.
  • By reviewing the claims analysis, we develop employee education campaigns around emerging trends.
  • Depending on the size of our client, we have our renewals delivered between 90 and 120 days in advance.
  • This gives us ample time to run our analytics to fully break down the renewal data to filter out “the fluff” that exists in every renewal.
  • What’s left is a true picture of what your renewal should be, and that’s what we take to the marketplace.

How We Use Modeling and Analytics for Your Benefit

Our ability to communicate with the carrier at an “underwriting level” ensures that the final negotiated renewal is actually justified.

We use this underwriting analysis coupled with any competitive data from the marketplace to ensure that our clients have the best possible rates. We bring to our clients innovative ideas and cost containment strategies such as:

  • Partially self-funded vs. fully insured
  • Plan design/contribution adjustments
  • Utilization trends
  • HRA/MERP considerations

Analytics and Wellness

Why do modeling and analytics drive our wellness programs? To truly create a wellness program that’s designed to decrease trends and mitigate risk, the first step is having a clear understanding of what your risk is. Our analytics will do just that.

  • Cross-claims analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Analyzing biometric data



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