Special Home…Special Coverage

Every homeowner requires a customized insurance program for his or her property in order to be sure that it is properly protected. That may not be more true than for owners of high valued homes. These homes often involve custom construction and appointments and many insurance companies are not properly prepared to handle claims involving such things.

We understand the differences involved in insuring high valued homes and we partner with insurance companies that make it their business to focus on them as well.

Some of the areas of concern we focus on when handling high valued homes:

  • How much coverage is enough? We partner with insurance companies that are very comfortable with high valued homes and doing a detailed home insurance replacement estimate is just part of their standard practice. Let us help you to understand what the true cost to replace your home is so you are prepared.
  • High valued homeowners often have needs for insuring fine arts, jewelry collections, and high valued vehicles. We are prepared to explore your potential needs for such coverage and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Personal umbrella, or excess liability, is something we are very familiar with. We have the ability to secure very high limits of liability when required.
  • Wine Collection Coverage.

Don’t make the mistake of selecting an average homeowners insurance policy for your above-average home.