Being the owner of a rental property can be a very smart financial decision for you and your future. But, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the fact that by being a rental property owner, or landlord, puts you at an increased risk for lawsuit. We believe that landlords require a comprehensive insurance program so that the dwelling is insured properly, but perhaps more importantly, that their liability risks are also insured properly.

We can assist rental property owners with creating a replacement cost estimate for their property so that they can determine the most appropriate amount of coverage for the dwelling. We recommend liability coverage appropriate to your needs by asking questions:

  • How is the property owned? In your personal name, in an LLC, a trust, or some other entity?
  • What assets do you need to protect from lawsuit?
  • What measures have you taken to reduce your risk of lawsuit from being a rental property owner? What measures can we recommend?
  • Have you considered your risk of libel and slander by tenants?
  • Have you thought about what if a discrimination lawsuit was filed by disgruntled tenants or prospective tenants?
  • What would happen if your rental income was gone after a fire or tornado?
  • How are you at risk for the ownership of dogs by your tenants?
  • Do you require your tenant to carry their own renters insurance?

This is just a short list of the in-depth approach we take when assisting clients that own rental properties. When you work with Watkins Insurance Group, you work with experienced insurance professionals that treat each client as unique and individual. We’re here to help.



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