Cover Your Brewery With Specialty Business Insurance To Match Your Unique Risks

By Chris Heinchon

I recently read an article about the incredible growth in the Craft Brewing Industry, and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the evidence of that can be seen right here in Austin, Texas. According to the article, there are expected to be over 3,000 Craft Breweries in the US by the end of 2014. Thinking more about that, it is awesome to think that this industry is growing out of something that began as a hobby; brewing beer at home. I had the fortune (or misfortune) many years ago to try my hand at home-brewing, and the reason I’m succeeding now in the insurance industry, rather than in the Craft Brewing Industry, is a pretty big hint as to the quality of my handy-work.

The experience I had trying to create a fantastic brew that friends and family could enjoy and rave about was actually a lot of fun. Drinking a lot of good beer so I could save the non-twist-off bottles for my own bottling needs, having my family flee the house because of the smell as I boiled the wort, and the gentle pop of over carbonated bottles blowing their lids as they fermented. These are all fond memories I’ll cherish as I enjoy a fresh hopped IPA that I did not brew.

On a recent visit to an up and coming new brewery to discuss how we could help them protect what they are working hard to create, I realized that what I do is more than just write insurance for a business. I get the behind the scenes tour of their entire operations, I get to see their vision of what they want this business to become, and what can be lacking in other types of businesses. I see the true passion these brewers have in what they do on a daily basis. More than that even, I can relate to that passion. Craft Brewers are like artists. They take simple ingredients and make them into a masterpiece. I know first-hand, not everyone can do this. So, while they craft their beer, I will craft an insurance portfolio customized for them that will make sure they can continue their dream if unexpected events occur.

For me, crafting beer is not where I belong, but crafting insurance and risk management plans, is. As the brewing industry continues to grow and more craft beers are introduced, I’m satisfied knowing that although I can’t make my own good beer, I can help those that do, and we’ll both be better off.
Chris is a Certified Insurance Counselor and Risk Manager at Watkins Insurance Group. Read more about Chris by clicking here.

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