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Texas Weather Event – February 2021

This weather event has been record-breaking and disrupted lives. The challenges it has presented are seemingly endless. We know you are enduring power outages, limited or no water, and isolation from family and community.

The thaw is coming.

Unfortunately, when it does, yet to be discovered damage could add to the frustration. Broken pipes and water leaks will begin to be revealed. It is important that you know where your water main shut off is for your home or property. Landlords, please contact your tenants and make sure they know where the water main shut off is located.

If your home is already without running water and you believe your pipes to be frozen, it’s a good idea to shut off the water main. Turn it on when you are ready to watch for water leaks.

If your water is still running, prepare for possible leaks by filling containers with water that you can drink or use to flush toilets. It could be days before you are able to get your water flowing again if you shut it off and wait for a plumber to fix a major leak. Using WD40 on the water main can help lubricate it before attempting to turn it. The last thing you want is to break off or damage the water main valve.

Should you experience damage to your home, please contact us or your insurance carrier as soon as you can. We’re here to help.

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