Manage the Risks of Oil and Gas Operations

The ever-evolving nature of the oil and gas industry, combined with the dangerous work, leaves many companies exposed to significant risks and liabilities. To address these risks, it is vital that oil and gas companies carry comprehensive and customized insurance plans.

At Watkins Insurance Group, we understand the challenges associated with insuring an oil and gas business. Our agents have the knowledge and experience needed to address the unique insurance needs of a wide range of oil and gas businesses, including:

  • Pipeline operations
  • Site preparation contractors
  • Utility and power generation operations
  • Natural gas storage operations
  • Energy-related product manufacturers
  • Refining and processing centers
  • Oil and gas storage facilities

Whatever the size or focus of your oil and gas company may be, we are here to help you protect yourself, your investment, your employees, and the future of your business.

Customized Insurance Solutions for Your Oil and Gas Business

Optimal protection for an oil and gas industry requires a combination of several insurance policies and products. After conducting a thorough review of your business and potential risks, our agents help you explore the products that best fit your needs. Beneficial insurance products for oil and gas companies often include:

  • Commercial property coverage to address repair or replacement costs of buildings, equipment and machinery
  • Workers compensation
  • General liability
  • Umbrella coverage to address any losses or expenses exceeding general liability limits
  • Errors and omissions
  • Environmental insurance policies to address liability related to pollution and environmental damage resulting from accidents, negligence or erroneous operations
  • Business interruption protection to limit the financial impact of a lasting disruption in operations

When combined properly, these products create a comprehensive insurance solution that protects the business against unforeseen events.

We Offer the Full-Service Insurance and Risk Management Support You Deserve

Managing the complex insurance requirements of an oil and gas business requires significant knowledge and effort. To streamline the process, our agents offer:

  • Routine reviews: Rather than simply allowing your coverage to auto-renew and trust its continued efficacy, we conduct routine reviews of your protection plan. Should any of the policies or products become outdated or unnecessary, we help you adjust. By taking this proactive approach, we ensure the appropriate protection for your business.
  • Risk management services: As your business grows and the oil and gas industry evolves, you are likely to encounter new and increasing exposures. We act as an outsourced risk management team to help you address emerging risks and ensure the continued protection of your business.
  • Workers compensation advice: Understanding when and how to report and handle workers compensation claims can be difficult. We offer the advice you need to understand the methods of handling claims and the reporting and handling requirements of your workers’ compensation plan.

Throughout our service to you, our staff remains available to offer advice, support, and assistance on matters relating to your insurance protection.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Agents for a Custom Insurance Solution for Your Oil & Gas Company

At Watkins Insurance Group, our agents have the knowledge and skill required to protect mid-sized and growing oil and gas companies in the US. Contact us online or call 800-460-5932 to discuss your specific insurance coverage needs.