Protect Your Restaurant Against the Unforeseen With a Custom Insurance Solution

Owning a restaurant, bar or franchise eatery, while often a rewarding experience, can be challenging. It takes long hours, hard work, and a commitment to customers to make a restaurant of any type successful. If you have achieved your goal of owning a restaurant or franchise, it is important to take steps to protect it against unforeseen events and the risks of daily operations.

Since 1949, Watkins Insurance Group has provided independent insurance services to restaurant owners throughout the US. We are proud to assist owners of a wide range of establishments, including:

  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Family style eateries
  • Franchise establishments
  • Banquet halls
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Bars and taverns

Whether you own a single restaurant or multiple locations, we can help you protect against the financial impact of unforeseen events.

Explore the Best Coverage Options for Your Unique Situation

Your restaurant is different than any other. So are the potential risks you face. With that in mind, our agents help you explore multiple coverage options to fit your specific needs, including:

  • Property coverage
  • Product loss coverage including food and wine spoilage
  • Special event coverage
  • Liquor liability
  • Contamination
  • Power failure
  • Business interruption

Our relationships with multiple providers allow us to gather multiple options and identify the insurance products and strategies for your establishment.

You’ve Invested a Lot Into Your Restaurant. Let Us Help You Protect It.

At Watkins Insurance Group, we love helping restaurant and franchise owners gain peace of mind in knowing that their investments are protected against unforeseen events. Our agents have the knowledge and experience to help you create a customized insurance solution that:

  • Offers protection: Our main goal is to help restaurant and franchise owners obtain protection for their establishments. To do so, we carefully review your business and operations to identify potential risks and exposures. We then craft a customized insurance solution consisting of multiple coverages and products to address risks. By creating a truly customized solution, we help you secure the protection for your business.
  • Fits your budget: No one wants to spend a large chunk of their operating budget on insurance. To keep insurance costs to a minimum, we explore several options from multiple providers. We also focus solely on coverage products that provide the coverage you need, without any unnecessary additions that add to your costs.
  • Provides flexibility: As your restaurant and operation plans evolve, your coverage must adapt to address new or increased risks. Our agents work to create solutions that provide the protection for today and tomorrow. As you grow, we are here to help you adjust your coverage plan to grow with you.

By working with our agents, you can rest easy knowing that your establishment, and your budget, are protected.

Begin Creating Your Insurance Solution With Help From Our Committed Agents

The restaurant industry can be unforgiving, and it’s a constant challenge for owners to deliver exceptional food and service, maintain a customer base, and ensure a safe and healthy environment. Our guide is designed to provide a summary of the major risks restaurant owners must address and includes helpful strategies and materials they can use to reduce the exposures associated with their business.

Our agents at Watkins Insurance Group are committed to helping you protect the dream you’ve worked so hard to achieve. To learn more about building a customized insurance solution for your restaurant, contact us online or call 800-460-5932 today.



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