Watkins Insurance Group has a team of insurance professionals dedicated to assisting clients with their home and auto insurance needs. We have locations throughout Texas and are licensed in over 45 states.

We treat each homeowner as a unique individual by spending time to discuss the options and coverages available to them. We also complete a replacement cost estimate with each homeowner to help the client determine how much coverage they really should have.

We then discuss things like sudden and accidental water damage, foundation water damage, extended replacement cost, and sewer back up, as well as many other optional coverages. Homeowners insurance is not simple. Let us help provide clarity.

No matter if you are purchasing a home now, or already have home insurance that you would like us to review, we can help with all of the following types of properties and needs:

  • Single Family Homes: No two homes are alike. Let us personalize your coverage to suit your needs.
  • High-Value Homes: We partner with insurance companies that specialize in these types of homes to ensure our clients get the coverage they need. With Chubb, Nationwide Private Client, and others, we’re able to develop a truly first class insurance portfolio.
  • Rental Properties: Being a rental property owner and landlord brings unique concerns and challenges in securing the right type of insurance. We understand these risks and partner with insurance companies that understand them, too. Competitive rates and knowing the coverage you should have make us the right choice for rental properties of all kinds!
  • Condominiums: Condo unit owners face unique risks. What coverage and how much does a unit owner really need? What needs to be insured in your unit? We know the right questions to ask to help unit owners make smart decisions on their insurance.
  • Renters: If you rent where you live, we can help with that, too. Many apartment complexes offer coverage to their tenants, but is it really providing you with what you need? Allow us to find a competitive price for your personal property and liability coverage.

You may receive a quote numerous ways with Watkins Insurance Group.

  1. To speak with one of our licensed Insurance Advisors, please call 1-800-460-5932.
  2. To have one of our licensed Insurance Advisors contact you, please complete our Contact Us form.